Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Its only words

Walking aimlessly in my driveway, it struck me that all relationships have an individual story which shapes them. We must know how to read and unfold the story or life’s lesson is lost upon us. Sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of a relationship whose grammar is all messed up and we can’t seem to get over the misspelled and mispronounced words. Such relationships cannot hope to survive for a very long time for women certainly because it is said that “men fall in love with their eyes; women with their ears”.

There are certain times in life when you are with someone and things are blissful. This might not mean that there really is no problem, it only means that the ‘bliss’ is the short term side effect of the prevailing ignorance. Such liaisons are like a foreign language which sounds beautiful and poetic but it actually makes no sense unless you make the effort to learn it. The worst thing that can happen (and more often than not happens to almost everyone once in their life) is when carefully crafted words and delicately framed sentences which were strewn to form our unique story become someone else’s happy ending! This plagiarism is seldom forgotten but always forgiven because life is too long to hang on to each word you have ever written in each chapter of your life.

We write off some people we had funny or weird experiences with as exclamation marks, others become question marks for life and force us to ask, ‘what if’. Very few out of the numerous people we meet, stay for a while and share our lives with us before leaving. Such people become the commas in our lives and our life can never be the same without them. The one person whom we want to see ourselves with till the very last word of the last chapter of our life is what I call the full stop of our life. This person completes us(no matter how ridiculously old fashioned it sounds) because a full stop puts an end to all exclamations, question marks and commas in life, making everything feel just right.

With so much of aimless ambling and so many aimless thoughts in my head, I wonder if I am mature enough to get married considering that is happening very soon! However, when I think about my own ‘full stop’, it certainly feels just right.

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